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Guillot Inland revenue(tax) department

Inland revenue(tax)

Tax assessment and management is the functional backbone of both companies and individuals. We offer our best quality service and excellent human resources which guarantee maximum efficiency and your satisfaction.

  • General tax assessment: consists in investigating and rationalizing tax charges of the customer’s project, always within the framework of present law regulations.
  • Taxation policy and operational plans
  • Representing the client in front of public institutions
  • Handling written and oral communication with the Inland Revenue
  • Accompanying, representing and defending the client in front of Inland Revenue Inspection.
  • Help with preparing and presenting tax return and self-assessment forms:
    • Individual Income Tax and and Capital Gains Tax
    • Inheritance Tax
    • Limited Companies taxes
    • Partial payments: direct and objective evaluation ( modules)
    • Value Added Tax ( VAT)
    • Special taxes
    • Tax money stoppage and payments
  • Tax payment delays and arrangements


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