Asesoría y Consultoría para empresas y negocios

Guillot Accounting Department

Accounting Services

Our professional team possesses solid accounting knowledge and it will help you to turn your accounting into a tool of control and management that you need.

  • Permanent account counseling from the market’s point of view, as well as operations recording carried out according to current legislation.
  • Orientation and accounts management of co-operatives and individuals in direct evaluation
  • Transcription of account records by hand or typing
  • Procedures required by public institutions
  • Accounting plans design
  • Real time accounting
  • Analytical accounting
  • Internal auditions
  • Administrative services
  • Passing the yearly records to the Trade Register
  • Legalizing and presenting the accounting records in front of the Trade Register
  • Budget accounting: budget plans and their execution.
  • Financial/ economic reports for companies
  • Company valuation


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