Asesoría y Consultoría para empresas y negocios

Guillot Legal Department

Legal Services

The Legal and Commercial Department’s professional staff offer you consulting services on business and personal law matters. We cover various areas and specializations in the world of the Law.

  • Commercial Law
  • Civil Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Delinquent accounts

Commercial Law

  • Public Limited Companies
    establishment associations
    company operations
    capital increase
    buying and selling of stocks and shares
    dissolution and liquidation of companies
    interventions in the Board of Directors
    consulting in the area of junior partners’ rights
    conflicts between partners
  • Subsidiaries, minutes, and agreements.
  • Franchisement consulting
  • Bankrupcy law
  • Commercial contracts
  • Family business. Registry.
  • Legal consulting in terms of business structures, both national and international.
  • Permanent business consulting
  • Legal consulting and defense in mercantile disputes

Civil Law

  • Land registry titles and real estate charges certificates
  • Contracts ( buying and selling, rental etc.)
  • Buying and selling as well as other form of property transmission
  • Ownership certificates
  • Interpleader actions
  • Wills, inheritance and donations
  • Summary Judgment procedures
  • Owners community comprehensive consulting
  • Consulting and defense in civil disputes
  • Family, separation, divorce.
    Common law marriage
    Preparing agreements
    Legal assistance.
  • Traffic accidents and insurance companies: compensations

Administrative Law

  • Administrative resources and litigious administration.
  • Economic/ administrative claims
  • Legal consulting and defense in front of administration institutions
  • Negotiations with public administration bodies
  • Expropriations
  • Sanctions
  • Official requests
  • Auctions

Delinquent accounts

  • Unpaid bills, cheques and IOUs
  • Suing delinquent accounts
  • Legal consulting, out of court negotiations and legal actions against delinquent accounts
  • Summary proceedings
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